Couldn’t Help Myself

I have a gift certificate to a music theater. I haven’t used it partly because they haven’t offered any shows that I’m willing to drive that far for, and partly because I’d have to redeem it in person during their limited box-office hours. I heard that Tori Amos would be stopping there on her tour, and she’s worth driving for, but I couldn’t get to the box office in time. Out of curiosity, I checked online to see what kind of tickets were available and I was offered 10th row center, which is pretty damn good. I bought them. I couldn’t help myself. So now I have to drive for a show and I still haven’t redeemed my gift certificate. Typical.

But enough is enough. I’ve lost and found that stupid certificate several times now, and it’s getting so old that I may have trouble redeeming it. I will call the theater today, verify that the certificate is still valid, and if they refuse to redeem it over the phone (which I suspect they will), then I will drive out there and redeem it on whatever show is available. There are a couple of bands appearing later this month that I’d be willing to see, though I may have to go by myself.

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3 Responses to Couldn’t Help Myself

  1. chick says:

    Um, funny story. I can’t find the certificate. I remember putting it in a safe place, but I’ve looked in all of the currently safe places and it isn’t there. Also typical.

  2. Faithful Reader says:

    When do we go see Tori? By the way – I’m in Whitehorse, Yukon, CA so Tori will have to wait until I get back.

  3. chick says:

    Tori is in October and you better be back by then!

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