Day 109: Not Complaining

I’ve been walking every day, rain or shine, but the weather has been making a challenge of it. For a while the temperature was topping 90 degrees every day. On those days I had to break my walk into four parts, because I could only do about four laps before the heat started to get to me.

Lately the problem has been rain. I like walking in the rain. I won’t walk during thunderstorms, though, and I’ve had to wait them out several times. Sometimes that pushes my walk into the evening. I’d rather not walk in the evening, because of the mosquitoes, but the reward is that I get to watch the fireflies. Fireflies seem to like slightly cool, misty evenings.

Rain also brings out the slugs. I had no idea how many big, fat slugs there were in the world until I found them all on my driveway after yesterday’s rain. I saved the first few that I saw, mostly because I didn’t want to risk stepping on them. But then I realized how many there were, and that it would take me all day to rescue them, so I decided to pretend that I didn’t see them. I probably squished some. I was careful not to look at the soles of my sneakers when I was done walking. I didn’t want to know.

It’s often said that “nothing’s certain but death and taxes,” but I think we should add “weather” to the list. There’s always weather. Most of the time it’s preferable to death and taxes, though, so I’m not complaining.

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