Instrumental Decision

I need a piano. I’ve been playing on an electric keyboard for about 10 years. It has full-size, weighted, touch-sensitive keys, so it plays very much like a piano, but though it can makes pianolike sounds issue from speakers, it is not an acoustic instrument. It can’t “sing.”

I asked my friend K—, “How much of one’s income do you suppose it is acceptable to spend on a piano?” She replied, “If I played like you, all of it.” That has to be the nicest thing that anyone has ever IMed to me. While I can’t quite spend it all, I am willing to spend what it takes to get a quality instrument. I might just wander into the piano store this weekend to see what the options are.

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  1. chick says:

    The visit to the store would be a reconnaissance mission only, of course. I wouldn’t make any decisions without my Faithful Reader 🙂

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