Day 216: Change of Scenery

Today we went to the park. My husband and daughter rode their bikes while Marshall and I went for a hike (Marshall’s bike is busted, so biking wasn’t an option for him). It was a breezy day in a large park with few people, so we were able to go maskless for most of our visit, for which I’m grateful. It was good to be away from home for a while.

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2 Responses to Day 216: Change of Scenery

  1. sprite says:

    Glad you all got to hang out in a different setting! Btw, how busted is busted?

  2. chick says:

    It’s only a little bit busted. He had an accident that left him scratched up and shaken up, but otherwise OK. The front wheel of the bike took some damage (dented, warped). We’re not sure if it can be fixed or if we need to buy a new one. We will probably bring it to the bike shop to find out.

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