Musical Goals: Part IV

What, you thought I was done with my musical goals? Sorry, no. I’ve got more.

I want to write songs.

Perhaps I should rephrase that. You see, I write songs all the time. I make up little ditties to sing to Marshall. I improvise tunes on the piano. I write down catchy titles and bits of verses in notebooks. I just don’t finish them. So let me try again.

I want to write complete songs and record them in some way.

Notice that I didn’t say, “I want to write great songs and become famous,” because “great” is subjective and “famous” is way outside my sphere of control. I just want to accomplish something creative. That’s all.

So that’s what I want, but how do I make it a reality? What is a reasonable goal to set? Should I just try to do one song or should I try to do several? Should I set a deadline?

I still have more thinking to do.

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