Day 244: That Would Be Grand

As I mentioned in a previous post, my parents and I are planning to spend Christmas together. But, those plans are already in jeopardy. America registered over 160,000 new coronavirus cases today, and if the numbers continue to be this bad, I doubt I’ll be willing to risk traveling or making contact with my parents.

And I’m so angry, because all those people behaving recklessly, ignoring the experts, refusing to wear masks or socially-distance–they’re ruining Christmas for all of us. If they don’t stop, then what we’re all going to get for Christmas will be 3,000 deaths per day. And it could get even worse, because the virus spreads exponentially, overwhelmed hospitals can’t save as many lives, and a virus that’s spreading unchecked has more chances to mutate itself into something worse.

So if everyone would kindly wear a mask and keep the fuck away from each other for a while, that would be grand.

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