Today’s Thoughts

  • I cringe when people who are neither Italian nor in Italy say “ciao!” Meanwhile, I say “hola!” all the time, so who am I to judge?
  • Livia has been reading my photo albums. I hadn’t expected her to read them until she was older, and it freaks me out a little that she’s reading them now. On the bright side, she says my letters to her and Marshall are the best parts of the albums. She also wants me to write more of them, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. A lot of my reasons for writing them no longer apply. If I were to start them up again, I’d need to think about why.
  • Every time a new college semester is about to start, Berklee tries to convince me to take some of their online classes. I’m tempted, as always, but I can’t justify the expense, so I’ll settle for the usual compromise: I’ll allow myself to buy any musical recordings or books about music that I want.
  • I wish people wouldn’t use “rapier” as an adjective. I know that a rapier is a sword, and I don’t mind the noun so much, because context usually sets the reader up for it. But the adjective often strikes without warning, and when it does, it may be initially misunderstood as the comparative of “rape-y,” which isn’t keen.
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