Sunday Slacker

Really, I’m not a slacker. It was just a busy Sunday.

My Faithful Reader and I went to Brimfield for the antique fair and to hang out with K—, who happened to be in the area. We had lunch at the fair. I had a Pilgrim Sandwich (turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing on a sub roll—yum!). Many of the antique dealers packed up early, which was sad, but there were still enough of them around to keep us busy for a few hours. I was tempted by some sweet potato ocarinas, a golden dragon pendant, an art-deco butterfly dish, and a Tom Swift book. I was horrified by a lamp, the base of which was made from the legs and hooves of some long-dead animal.

When we’d had enough wandering among the tents-of-many-treasures, we said goodbye to K— and headed to Sturbridge to check out the Hyland Orchard & Brewery. We walked through the petting zoo, paid our respects to the geese and goats, and petted the emu. Then we took a seat in the picnic area and enjoyed one of the brewery offerings, an amber ale, which was decent. It was a nice place and I’d be willing to go again, especially as the weather gets cooler and I start thinking about apple pie.

The drive home went quickly. Once home, we filled our bellies with dinner while watching Journey to the Bottom of the Sea. Barbara Eden was in the movie but she didn’t grant my wish that it be good. Then I bought a new computer (Happy Birthday to me!). Suddenly it was midnight and Sunday became Monday. It was too late for storytelling. Oops.

I will make up for it next week with two story posts, so come back Sunday!

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