It’s Just a Game

Krondor, the Betrayal by Raymond E. Feist

Grade: D+

In Krondor, the Betrayal, Feist returns to the world he introduced in the Riftwar Saga. Reading the afterword, I discovered that the story for this book was based on a video game, and thank goodness for that, because otherwise I might never have forgiven the author for this awful addition to the series. The characters were flat and spent way too much time plodding from one location to another. I’m glad that Feist decided to show another side to the moredhel, a race of beings he had previously described as evil, but I never learned to like the representative character.

My opinion of the book plummeted as the author explained that magic was possible because of a substance called mana. Some of the characters found mana on the ground here and there. It looked like a golden plant. And then they started picking it up with their magical staves as they passed by. Ugh! Mana is for video games, not novels!

I’m in the middle of reading the sequel (Krondor, the Assassins), which is tolerable so far, but unless it turns out to be one heck of a read, both books are headed for the Chopping Block.

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