SITY: Mystery Flower #12

Mystery 12

My husband gave this mystery flower a compliment. He said it looks like “a real flower.” That is, it looks something that a person might deliberately grow in a garden. I agree that it’s pretty, but it reminds me a little bit of Mystery Flower #1, which I found growing in a yard with poor-quality soil, so it may be just another weed.

My best guess at the identity of this mystery flower is in the comments.

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One Response to SITY: Mystery Flower #12

  1. chick says:

    This is almost certainly Ajuga reptans, a..k.a. ajuga, blue bugle or bugleweed. And some people do deliberately grow it in gardens. I read that ajuga likes moist soil and shade, two things that we have in abundance here, and it also attracts butterflies, so I say it’s a keeper. Since it is just sprouting randomly in the backyard, I am thinking of transplanting some of it to my rock garden. Why pay for flowers when you can get them for free, right?

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