Tori, Tori, Bo-Bori (and Yoav, Too)

It was two weeks ago today that we went to CT to see Tori Amos in concert. We had good tickets (tenth row center) and we got there early enough to catch the opening act.

The opening act was a strange guitar-playing guy named Yoav. He used his guitar, voice, and some sort of loop-playing recording device to make sound effects and beats for his songs. It might have gotten tiresome if he had played more than just that tiny set, but I loved the experimental nature of his music. His lyrics had some tacky bits of cliche stuck to them, and he wailed a little too much, but I say the kid has something. Just give him some time to refine his act.

I thought Tori had an up-and-down performance. There were several nondescript songs in the set list; I couldn’t even tell you which albums they were from. And I have never heard a more lackluster version of “Hey Jupiter.” But when she played her classics “Mother” and “Cornflake Girl,” and a cover of “Let It Be,” she was inspirational.

I’ve only seen Tori in concert twice. The first time she was amazing, and this time she was pretty good, so I can’t complain and I’ll pay to see her the next time around.

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