I am grateful for my new screened-in porch.


Mosquitoes love me. They always have. I go outside and someone might as well put a sign over my head saying, “Get your fresh hot blood here!” My mother has always said it’s because I’m so sweet. Be that as it may, it’s no fun being the snack bar for a horde of vampire bugs. I’m also severely allergic to mosquito bites, probably because I’ve been bitten so many times, and so some of the bites swell up as large as coins.

More bothersome than the itch, though, is the threat of disease. I’m not particularly afraid of West Nile (I think that’s all hype), but Triple E is not something you mess around with. I once saw a news story about a young girl who contracted Triple E from a mosquito bite. She was a perfectly normal baby until she got bit. Then her brain swelled up and now she’s retarded. That scares me. I’ve got a perfectly normal baby and I’d like him to stay that way, thank you very much. The more often he gets bitten, the more risk. However, I will not slather him with poison in order to keep the bugs away. Neither will I keep him inside the house 24/7.

So a nice little haven with a mosquito net seems like just the thing. I am grateful for my new screened-in porch. Thanks to my Faithful Reader for setting it up.

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