A Couple of Disappointments

Krondor, the Assassins and Krondor, Tear of the Gods by Raymond E. Feist

Grades: C+ and D, respectively

Assassins was tolerable all the way through and even ended on something of a high note (there’s nothing like a little human sacrifice and demon-raising to perk a book up). It isn’t good enough to recommend, however, and my faith in the author is being sorely tested by each new book of his that I read.

Tear of the Gods came close to being good here and there. Some of the characters were nearly interesting. Some of the situations were almost compelling. Then the author got lazy. He needed some kind of monster and rather than dream up something new and interesting, he resorted to vampires. Ugh!

I kept these books for a long time. I made space for them on my shelves. I carried them with me when I moved. Now I can finally let them go, and it feels good.

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