About the Future

Sometimes I attempt to capture my thoughts as they rove from subject to subject. I scribble down the thoughts on random pieces of paper, which then generally drift around the house for months, becoming more and more tattered, until I finally either put them away in my memory box or toss them. My blog is as good as my memory box, so here are the words from a scrap of paper that I just found in my office.

When we were young and the future was a complete mystery…

Before we made the decisions (or lack of decisions) that formed the cement of our lives…

Back then we could dream of anything.

Now we can look forward and and see the general shape of our future, and if we did not shape the cement well, if we did not leave ourselves enough air holes and exits and room to grow, we may feel as if it were a prison.

But what if it were a jungle gym instead? Or a tree? Or a crazy labyrinth with potential surprises at every turn?

Grab your chisel, because you just never know how you might change the future.

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