Selfish Spending

While most people have been out wildly spending on gifts for others, Faithful Reader and I have been out selfishly spending on ourselves.

First, we bought a king size bed so that we might sleep without smacking each other around all night. We topped it with a soft down comforter in a white duvet cover. We call this new sleep haven “The Cloud.”

Next, we bought a big-screen TV. It hasn’t been delivered yet, but we are looking forward to finally being able to see fine details, like actors’ facial features, which have long been obscured by the blurry picture on our old TV. And what’s the good of a new TV without a PlayStation 3? We will never have to find out, because we got one of those, too.

Then we bought a sofa and love seat. Our current living-room set is comprised of two chairs with a beat-up old coffee table between them. Needless to say, we haven’t had many guests over. The new set is inexpensive but surprisingly attractive. It will arrive some time on Monday and, we hope, finally make this place feel like a home. The salesman who sold it to us had a remarkable mustache, possibly an an intelligent life form in its own right, and I hope that it gets a share of the commission.

Now, with less that a month to go before Christmas, we have just one selfish thing left to buy: a Christmas tree!

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  1. Faithful Reader says:

    The Playstation 3 is a critical add-on component to the tv. What is an HD TV without an HD DVD player? And don’t forget the damage insurance for the new living room furniture. It’s probably the most important purchase: two days and ‘The Cloud’ was baptized with cat puke.

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