Off to a Good Start

Another book read in 2008!

Mister Monday (The Keys of the Kingdom, Book One) by Garth Nix

Grade: B+

Mister Monday is the story of Arthur, a boy who nearly dies from an asthma attack. He is saved at the last moment by magic, but at a price. He must enter a magical world where things have gone horribly wrong and start the long, dangerous task of setting them right again. The first step is to defeat the powerful Mister Monday.

I loved this book at the beginning, but there came a point when the action overwhelmed the wonder, and it never quite bounced back. Garth Nix is, from what I can tell, a talented author with an inventive mind, so I will probably check in on this series again. I can’t keep Mister Monday, because I don’t have the room, but I hope it will find its way into the hands of another avid reader.

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