SITY: Snow, Ice, Melt

It has been almost two months since Livia’s birth and the snowstorm that brought her to us. I can’t remember if there was already snow on the ground before that storm, but there has definitely been since. This has been one long, cold, snowy winter. The snow got so thick on the roofs that school days were canceled for snow removal. Even homeowners climbed up on their roofs to shovel, driven to this extremely dangerous act by persistent ice dams and the media’s gleeful coverage of local roof collapses.

I had a newborn to care for this winter, and newborns are not known for their tolerance of weather extremes, so I didn’t leave the house often. I longed to go walking, but even if I could have found the opportunity, the snow was far too deep on the walking paths and trails. Stuck inside, I had nothing better to do sometimes than gaze out the window at the beautiful white landscape. I tried to capture a little bit of the season with my camera. Today, as the snow finally melts away, it seems a fitting time to share a few photos.

Snow-Stuck Swings


Ice-Glitzed Trees


Melting Away


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