All About Your Baby Self

Dear Livia,

Here are some facts and stories about you.

  • The words most often used to describe you are “adorable” and “alert.”
  • When you were a newborn, if you were hungry, you’d try to eat anything that got anywhere near you, including peoples’ faces. We used to joke that you were a face-eating alien.
  • Also when you were a newborn, you frequently frowned and knit your brows together, as if worried. You did this so often that I called you “a natural frowner.” But not anymore. It’s amazing how often you smile now. You’re a joy to be around.
  • You love having your clothes changed. It makes you laugh and smile even more.
  • You have a cute little strawberry mark on your belly.
  • Your lashes are already thicker and longer than mine.
  • You are a social butterfly. At your cousin Colby’s first communion party, you smiled and cooed at everyone who held you. That made you very popular. You even slept like a little angel in your Auntie Jeanne’s arms. You should have seen the look of utter adoration on her face! We were lucky to get you back from her.
  • Marshall adores you, too. At the time you were born, he couldn’t say a lot of words, but the moment we brought you into the house and introduced him to you, he started saying your name. Now, to distract and/or motivate him, we often say things like, “Where’s Livia?” and “Let’s go get Livia.” Sometimes when you’re napping he goes looking for you, barging into rooms calling, “Li’ia! Li’ia!”
  • You have long feet and slender, ladylike fingers.
  • Your nickname is Livluv.



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