Mother’s Day Memories

To celebrate Mother’s Day to its fullest, here are some wonderful things that my kids have done recently.

Earlier this week, I recorded myself reading Dear Zoo to Marshall. The recorder picked up not only my voice, but also Marshall roaring like a lion, laughing, making monkey noises, and shouting, “Puppy!”

A couple of days ago, I asked Marshall if I could have one of his goldfish crackers. He picked one out of his cup and started to hand it to me, but pulled it back at the last moment and put it in his mouth. I told him that made me sad and asked for another one. This time he gave me the cracker, and after I was done eating it, he offered me another!

Last night, Livia rolled from her back onto her tummy for the first time. She hates being on her tummy, though, Poor Thing. She started crying and I had to go “rescue” her.

This morning, I was preparing to feed Livia and said to my husband, “I need a bib.” Marshall ran out of the room and came back with a bib for her.

Also this morning, my husband was playing a game with Marshall, writing the letters of the alphabet, one at a time, on the “Elmo pad” and asking Marshall to name them. We were both surprised by how many letters he recognizes. He knows almost half of them!

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