Love = Party

Dear Marshall,

Last weekend was your 2nd birthday party. Family from both sides came to dine and spoil you to bits. And what a haul of gifts you got! Sand toys, water toys, clothes, books, cars, among other things. You are one lucky boy.

It was nice for us, too, not only to watch you enjoying yourself, but also to have the gates open, chairs in the dining room, and the piano bench at the piano. Your dad even put the glass in the living room table. It was like living in a normal house for a change.

But it was stressful, the preparations as well as the party itself. I really don’t like entertaining people in our home, but I didn’t want you to miss an opportunity to spend time with family. For you, I’ll do almost anything.

I’m not sure I’d eat broccoli for you, though. Even a mother’s love has limits. 😉



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