Waiting for an Invitation

I’m not too old to jump fences, and I was sorely tempted to jump the one that stood between me and a long row of beautiful lilacs this afternoon. But the lilacs were in a cemetery and I have this superstition about not entering a graveyard “uninvited.” According to this superstition, one may enter a graveyard only through an opening in the fence, an opening being the equivalent of an invitation to enter.

My belief in this superstition is particularly stupid since I think I may have made it up myself when I was a teenager, back when I kept my brain brined in Southern Comfort. The entrance was all the way at the other end of the graveyard, too. Still, I didn’t want to dis the dead, so I behaved myself and walked the length of the cemetery two extra times.

Today I am grateful for stupid superstitions. Without them, I wouldn’t get so much exercise.

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