Letters Through Time

Knowing that someone might read my posts, I try to have an actual subject for each post, rather than just list the events of the day or dwell upon my feelings of the moment. In that way this blog is unlike the journals and diaries of my past, which are a chore to read now because they’re so pointless. Not only did I spend a lot of time whining back then, but I also frequently neglected to mention the big events of my life. Reconstructing my past (when I finally get around to it) is going to be quite difficult, since I didn’t leave myself a good record.

I wish I had written more and better “letters through time.” Not just way back then, but as recently as a couple of years ago. Though this blog inspired me to record some of the events of Marshall’s infancy, I didn’t write nearly enough. As we watch Livia grow, my husband and I say, “Marshall must have been just as cute, but I don’t really remember what he was up to at the same age.” It’s a good thing we have so many pictures and videos, or else we might even forget what he looked like as a baby!

It has fallen to me to be the keeper of the family’s memories, simply because my husband will never make it a priority. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he won’t get around to it. That leaves me. I accept the challenge. I will probably never do the job as well as I’d like, but I will always try to do it well. This blog is the most convenient vehicle for the purpose, and here are two of my goals for improving my job performance.

  • Write a post about each of the children at least once per week.
  • At the five-year anniversary of my blog, I’d like to print a copy of it. There are supposedly services that can do that for you. A print copy would be good to have, just in case anything ever happens to the digital record.
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  1. Faithful Reader says:

    You’re better at it and besides, owning a sailboat will give you interesting topics for posts.

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