M. Poirot and H. Irene

In honor of Hurricane Irene’s arrival, I offer you an extra Weekly Poirot quote.

I suspect that if Poirot knew a hurricane was coming, he would lock himself up in the house and not come out until it was over. He did not like damp weather at all.

Poirot lifted first one, then the other foot from the ground with a catlike motion. “It is the dampness of the feet I fear. Would it, think you, be possible to lay the hands on a pair of galoshes?”

from Peril at End House

Sorry, Poirot, but if you need any hurricane supplies, you’re probably out of luck. I hear that batteries are scarce. No doubt most of the bread is gone. And it could be that the stores are fresh out of galoshes (it’s not like they typically stock a lot of them!).

On a side note, this is the second reference I’ve seen to galoshes recently. I think perhaps I need to buy a pair for myself. Then I will have many opportunities to say the word “galoshes.” It’s a great word, don’t you think?

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