Space Invaders

Have I mentioned that we have a bug problem? It’s not a continuous one, but rather a recurring one. Our first year here, we were invaded by caterpillars in the spring. Next it was millipedes, and they’ve returned every year since, though never as bad as that first season. Other annual events include the early food forays of carpenter ants, the brief swarm of pavement ants, and the occasional summertime attacks by katydids, who flock around the back door at night, drawn by the light.

We’ve gotten used to these incursions, but enough is enough. How many bugs must be put up with? Alas, our space is being invaded yet again. Meet our newest nemesis, the weevil.

I call him Agent Smith, because from a distance he looks black and quite menacing, just like the character in The Matrix. And you can kill him as many times as you want, but that won’t get rid of him. No sooner is he gone than he’s replaced by another who looks exactly the same. It’s like being invaded by an endless stream of clones.

We don’t know what kind of weevil Agent Smith is. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that there’s a weevil for every type of plant in existence, making identification almost impossible without the help of an entomologist. Chances are that the weevil is not interested in infesting our pantry, but how do we know for sure? Because we don’t know, that makes him weevil non grata, and I’m not necessarily going to be nice about removing him from the premises.

Sorry, Agent Smith. I suggest you stay outside.

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