Keep Talking

Dear Marshall,

Soon you’ll be speaking so well that there will be nothing left to say about your speech development, but that time is not yet.

  • I made banana bread a couple of weeks ago. You called it “le na boodan.”
  • Your favorite movie a few weeks ago was The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water. With the help of this movie, we taught you many new words, including “ocean,” “rainbow,” “disosor” (dinosaur), and “Erf” (Earth). And finally you stopped calling fish “crackers.” Now they are “biff.”
  • Your current pronunciation of the word “frog” sounds almost like the F word, and your pronunciation of “basket” sounds almost like another rude word starting with F. It’s strange to hear your innocent little voice say such insulting words, but it’s also kind of funny.
  • You call your daily vitamin a “bem.”
  • You have been using “dcuck-k-k” to mean “bird” for quite a while. But you said “bird” just the other day, so I know you know the word. For the time being, you seem to prefer that really hard-to-pronounce version of “duck,” and so that’s what you keep using.
  • You’ve learned how to say commands like “Go away,” “Stand up,” and “Lie down,” and you’ve been ordering us all around! If your sister is nearby while you’re eating, you say, “Go ‘way, Nia!” over and over again.



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