Picking Favorites

It seems like most people have a favorite this and a favorite that. I don’t. I have a hard time making decisions on even on the most inconsequential subjects. So today, as an exercise in decision-making, I’m going to try to pick some favorites. It will be interesting to see how I feel about them after a week, a month, a year. Will they feel all wrong, or will I finally be able to say that I have a favorite something?

  • Color: Green. People who know me might say, “But hasn’t green always been your favorite?” Once upon a time it was purple, actually. In recent years I have gone back and forth between blue and green. I’m going to take a stand now, though, and go with green.
  • Month: September. Of course!
  • TV show: Stargate SG-1
  • Band: Coldplay. How mainstream! I know. Once upon a time, I might have said Metallica was my favorite band. That was long before they hit the mainstream. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being mainstream, though. Metallica and Coldplay got there by being very good. I just hope that Coldplay continues to be good (reviews of their recent album make me wonder…). Metallica stopped being good, oh, some time between 1991 (“The Black Album”) and 1996 (Load), and, as far as I know, they haven’t looked back. Shame.
  • Ice-cream flavor: mint chocolate chip. I’ve been thinking about this one for weeks. It’s actually what got me on the subject of “picking favorites.” I realized that I didn’t have a favorite ice-cream flavor, and I thought to myself, “Doesn’t everyone have a favorite? And shouldn’t they? I mean, if I were about to die and someone offered me my pick of ice-cream flavors, and it would be the last thing I tasted before dying, which would I choose?” So I decided on mint chocolate chip, but I hope to eat many more bowls of ice cream before I die. For the record, I am also quite fond of black raspberry, cookie dough, and Cherry Garcia.
  • Book: Oh, this question is cruel. I love so many of them! Falling back on that hackneyed idea of the “desert island,” if I were going to be stuck on such an island, and I could only have one book, it would be . . . The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. I once read it three times back-to-back and did not get bored with it.
  • Movie: Another cruel question. So many to choose from. I’m going with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The music, literary allusions, humor, special effects, beloved characters, and Ricardo Montalban’s chest—all combine to make this such a wonderful movie. If I ever got tired of watching it, I could just listen to the music and be happy.
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