Old Stuff

I’m supposed to be doing other things right now, but I’m so tired as to be nearly useless. I needed an easy task, so I decided to go through some old stuff. Most of it is of the “Why the Hell did I keep this?” variety, but here and there I find something interesting.

For example, I found my vocational interest report from 1989. It says things about me that are probably truer now than they were then. Here are the highlights.

  • Very similar: Musician
  • Similar: Chef, Photographer, Artist (commercial), Artist (fine), Medical illustrator, College professor, Physician, Dentist, Optometrist, Physical therapist, Veterinarian, and Horticultural worker.
  • Very dissimilar: Public administrator, Home economics teacher, Elected public official, Life insurance agent, Restaurant manager, Realtor, Buyer, Accountant, Banker, Credit manager, Business education teacher.
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