Killing Time

I have 90 files pending upload to a website that does photo books, so I have nothing better to do right now than explain why I haven’t posted much lately. It’s because I’m working on photo books. First, I started one for Livia’s first year. That took forever—looking through folder after folder of great pictures, narrowing it down to just the best, copying all the “Dear Livia” posts over to the book, and then doing the typesetting/layout. It still isn’t quite finished, because I want to include Christmas pictures, but the basic framework is done. All I have to do is drop in those last few pictures (and posts, if any happen between now and then).

Then, worrying that Marshall might feel left out, I decided to do one for him, too. His would have to cover 2.5 years, though. That’s a lot of photos, a lot of posts, a lot of stories to tell. Oh, my. Thank goodness I had already uploaded so many pictures last year.

But part of my justification for doing all of this was to help get ready for the Christmas photo books that I’m putting together for family and friends. Once all the photos are there, it’s easy to import them to new projects. So, having gone through the bajillion pictures of the kids, and having narrowed down the selection to a manageable number, I started the download.

Only 72 files to go.

What should I do now?

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