A Mystery

A month went by without a single Poirot post. That’s unusual. Normally I’d force myself to sit down on Sunday, no matter what else I had going on, and post a quote. So what happened?

My husband happened. One day he said to me, “When I see a Poirot post, my eyes glaze over.” That made me sad. I liked the Weekly Poirot, but since my sole reader did not, I began to question its value. I still meant to keep it up, but my heart was no longer in it, so I stopped posting.

What I really liked best about the Weekly Poirot, though, was having a reason to return to the blog every week. Sunday Stories didn’t quite cut it. The Weekly Poirot was good for quite a while. Now I guess it’s time to come up with some other Sunday feature. I wonder what it will be?

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