Ribbiting Tales, edited by Nancy Springer
Grade: A

Ribbiting Tales is a wonderful little collection of frog stories. The contributing authors are Bruce Coville, Robert J. Harris, Brian Jacques, Janet Taylor Lisle, David Lubar, Stephen Menick, Nancy Springer, and Jane Yolen. I particularly liked Nancy Springer’s story “Ahem,” in which a girl makes a wish that comes true in a most unexpected and froggy way. Great springtime reading.

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2 Responses to Ribbit!

  1. sprite says:

    If you haven’t read Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes series, it’s worth checking out of the library. (Well, okay, the first one is, at least. I haven’t had a chance to read the others yet.)

  2. chick says:

    I might have to check it out. I hadn’t heard of the author before, but her frog story was funny and sweet, so it would be interesting to see what else she’s done.

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