SITY: First Tick?

I went outside today to check on Spring’s progress. I took some pictures. I forgot to do a tick check when I came inside. While it’s the only time I’ve forgotten since the weather turned warmer, I should be more careful. The ticks are out. Not only does common sense tell me that, but the local newspaper confirms it. The newspaper also says that this year will be even tickier than last. I can hardly bear to imagine that, but let’s assume it’s true.

Now look at the picture I took today.

There is a bug on the violet and it looks like a tick. If it is a tick, yuck. If it’s not a tick, it still makes me think of ticks, which is almost as bad. I touched that flower, so any bugs on it could have transferred themselves to me easily. Yuck more.

It’s fun to find the first violets and four-leaf clovers of the season. It is not fun to find the first tick. I have been bracing myself for this moment for weeks. I knew it was inevitable. I knew it would upset me. The question is whether or not it will keep me indoors most of the spring and summer.

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  1. sprite says:

    Don’t let the buggers win!

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