Favorite Thing: Violet Vase

I love the flowers of spring. Violets are among my favorites. And when I first saw the springtime sea of violets surrounding our new house, I wanted to bring their beauty inside, but I had no vases small enough. I looked in store after store but could not find any. It was sad.

Then one day I was strolling through IKEA and I spotted a four-pack of little vases. They were plain but perfectly sized for violets, so I bought them, and I’m glad I did. Now I have four vases to hold bouquets of violets, and every year I fill them all up over and over again until the violets are done blooming for the year. I only wish I had more of them, because then I could put violets in every room!

So here it is, my Favorite Thing for this week: the violet vase from IKEA.

Perfect Vase for Violets

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