Flying to The Moon

Dear Marshall,

We’re having some work done in the yard today. We hired someone to dig a drainage trench at the top of the hill and down the side. You must have been watching out the window as the digging machine came up the driveway, because the first thing you said to me this morning was “There’s a crane up there!” I didn’t think “crane” was quite the right word, so I grabbed your Cars book and we paged through it together until we found a picture that looked just like the machine. Now we know to call it an “excavator.”

I don’t know whether that book caused your fascination with vehicles or just fueled it, but either way, you’re totally into vehicles right now. There are some videos on Netflix about monster trucks, airplanes, etc. You love to watch those over and over again. And today you wanted so badly to go outside and look at the excavator and the dump truck that your dad took you out for a few minutes. You threw a fit when you had to come back inside. I wasn’t surprised. I bet you’d be happy to stay outside all day and watch them work.

I don’t share your enthusiasm for vehicles, but I’m glad you’re finding so many things to be interested in. And it’s so amazing to watch your imagination waking up. You’re starting to play pretend and make up stories. For example, you put two long blocks on a square block and called it a plane. Then you rearranged them and called it a train. You also managed to pull off part of the buckle on the changing pad in your room. You call this piece your rocket ship and you talk about flying to the moon.

The way technology is advancing, who knows what will be possible when you grow up. Maybe you will be able to go to the moon. And that goal is as good a place as any to start building your dreams. So I’ll encourage you in it for as long as you’re interested, because just like Big Nutbrown Hare says in Guess How Much I Love You, “I love you right up to the moon—and back.”



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