Frugal Americans, Unite!

It ticked me off today when I read Fareed Zakaria’s comment that we (Americans) brought this financial crisis upon ourselves by consuming more than we produced and borrowing to make up the difference.

Maybe some Americans did, but not me and my Faithful Reader. We didn’t buy a lot of new clothes or expensive jewelry or new electronic gadgets. We didn’t have cable television. We shared a car. You cannot imagine the lengths to which we went to keep our wedding costs down.

We lived well within our means. Hell, we SAVED. And what is the reward for such virtuous behavior?

Our investments are down and the value of our house is down. Furthermore, our tax dollars will be used to bail out the idiots who caused this mess. Peachy.

It’s bad enough that we have to suffer the consequences of other peoples’ bad behavior, but don’t you dare try to pin the blame on us.

We can’t be the only scrimpers and savers in this country. I know there must be other frugal Americans out there. Frugal Americans, unite!

P.S. I’m not sure exactly how uniting is going to fix anything, but it sounded good.

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