Rainy-Day Shoes

I drove to Connecticut on Thursday for work. As so often happens, the weather chose to be miserable for my trip. The drive in was just foggy and drizzly, but at about 6:30, just as I was getting ready to leave the office, the skies opened up. It poured so hard that the road flooded and I had to slog through six inches of water to reach my car.

The idea of driving all the way home with squelching feet and wet pants legs did not appeal. I stopped at Target to buy some cheap shoes and socks and to change into my spare pair of jeans. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I went straight to the clearance rack. The selection was not huge, and my choice was further limited because I could hardly try on shoes with sopping wet feet. I had to eyeball the size.

The pair of shoes I ultimately bought wouldn’t have been my first choice in other circumstances, and they turned out to be a bit big, but there is something inherently awesome about a purple pair of shoes, don’t you think? I might actually like them.

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  1. sprite says:

    Everyone needs purple shoes. (Admittedly, mine are purple and black flip flops.)

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