Fall = Love

Having seen no ticks this year (just tiny tick-like things we now believe to have been mites), I finally decided to brave the woods behind the house. I have been up there many times in the last few weeks. Fall is a particularly pretty season for hiking. Since I often take my camera with me, I made it my mission to capture the season in pictures.

These two pictures are of the approach to the place I call the Scenic Overlook. If you look here, you can compare these fall pictures with one that I took during the winter (“Lichen Green”). What a difference the season makes!

How I love the effect of the golden, late-afternoon sun on leaves that are also golden!

Though there is nothing better than a warm fall day, I also love the brisk, breezy days. Here is a picture of one of stunted oaks of the Scenic Overlook. The wind was trying its best to rip the leaves away, but the tree wasn’t quite ready to let them go.

And then there are the cool, misty days of fall. I love them, too!

Have you noticed that the leaves of different types of trees change color at different times? I love the late-changers. The smaller ones are like flames lighting the woods. I wonder what strange places I might go if I left the path, walking from flaming tree to flaming tree, as if following a will-o’-the-wisp.

Some of the bigger ones have the most beautiful, smooth, silvery bark.

Even the insects seem to enjoy walking in the fall.

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