Favorite Thing: Ridiculously Expensive Footwear

Hiking Shoes

This is the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever owned. I bought it (as well as two pairs of the most expensive socks I’ve ever owned) using a gift certificate from my dad. I was feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse the next day, because I probably don’t hike enough to justify spending that much. Maybe I should have gotten a cheaper pair and picked up some other handy things.

Then I wore the shoes for a hike in 15-degree weather through ankle-deep snow. I stopped to listen to the babbling of a little stream. The snow was concealing the edge of the stream and I stepped right into it. My foot slid between two rocks and into the water. Thanks to ankle support in these boots, I did not twist my ankle. Thanks to the waterproofing, not a drop of water penetrated the shoe. I would have been very unhappy trying to trek back through all that snow with a wet shoe and/or twisted ankle.

That’s why ridiculously expensive footwear is one of My Favorite Things.

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  1. sprite says:

    Hooray for good hiking boots protecting you! Plus, having good hiking boots may make you more likely to go for walks in inclement weather.

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