Favorite Things: Jeweled Trinket Boxes

I keep several collections. Some I have already mentioned on this blog, like my ocarinas and my glass candy containers, but I don’t think I’ve ever shown you any of my jeweled trinket boxes. They are small metal boxes shaped like animals. They are decorated with enamel and imitation gems.

I don’t have the money to add to my collection often, so I rarely shop for new items. Every once in a while, though, I happen across one that I can’t resist. I found this adorable blue crab last year and put it on my 2012 Christmas Wish List. My mom was kind enough to buy it for me. Then, using some Christmas cash, I bought the smaller one to be a companion. I thought they’d look good together. And they do, don’t they?

Crab 3Crab 2Crab 1
My collection is small (a snail, a lizard, a seahorse, a fish, and a bird), so getting two new ones is very exciting, and that’s why jeweled trinket boxes are some of My Favorite Things today.

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