Quality Over Quantity

We just had a blizzard, so there’s a couple of feet of snow on the ground right now. Such an accumulation of the white stuff could make one focus only on quantity. But what about the quality of the snow? It’s perfectly acceptable snow, of course, and there’s nothing for beautifying a yard like a really thick coat of fresh snow. But as for the flakes, I’ve seen much better.

Take, for example, the snow from last Tuesday. That snow fell in light, icy, beautifully-formed snowflakes. They landed all over my black coat, decorating it with delicate, silvery stars.

Snowflakes 2

On the ground, the snow built up only enough mass to resemble a tattered cotton batting. The wonder was how the flakes managed to keep their shapes. You can see quite a few of them in this picture.

Snowflakes 1

Yeah, blizzards are fun. First there’s the anticipation. Then there are the many hours of watching as the snow comes down hard and blusters around (to Marshall, the gusts of snow looked like ghosts!). Then you get to measure the snow and marvel over the quantity (and your good fortune—our power did not go out!). Then you get to play in the snow with the kids (they had a great time!).

So blizzards definitely have their upsides. But I would pick the light snow with its perfect snowflakes over the blizzard every time. I take quality over quantity.

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    That close-up shot is amazing!

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