Mystery Flower #14

I found this Mystery Flower growing in the woods behind a big tree. I had a hard time getting pictures, because it was off the path and I didn’t want to step on any other plants. Plus the insects were dive-bombing me, so I had to hurry. These pictures aren’t the greatest, but they’ll have to do.

Myster Flower 14T

Mystery Flower, view from above

Mystery Flower 14S

Mystery Flower, view from the side

Do you know what kind of wildflower this is? My best guess is in the comments.

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One Response to Mystery Flower #14

  1. chick says:

    I think this is probably goldthread. I guess the true test would be to pull out the plant and see if it has a yellow underground stem, because that’s the feature that gives goldthread its name. But I’d hate to kill it, since it doesn’t seem to grown in abundance. I’ll just have to hope that I’m right. My wildflower guide says godlthread grows in woods and swamps and often with moss. Sounds right!

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