Devil in the Details

One day I’m driving down the road, bringing the kids home from their grandparents’ house. I’m tired, and I’m hungry, and I don’t know what I’m going to make for dinner. So when the brilliant idea of going to a fast-food joint pops into my head, I don’t even try to resist it.

And I’m thinking about the nature of Evil as I’m on the way to get my unhealthy but quick-and-tasty food. I have this idea in my head that maybe Evil isn’t just about doing “bad” things, but about being unhappy. That is, maybe it’s a victory for the Devil every time we fail to do the things that make us happy and fulfilled.

I kid you not. These are my thoughts as I’m driving to Taco Bell.

So I get there, and I order my fast food, and can you believe what they charged me for it?

IMG_6846 - Copy

Clearly a sign!


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