My Faithful Reader said a nice thing to me the other day. After managing to rent both empty apartments in our building, he told me that it was all because of me. I had insisted on moving, even though I knew it meant living in an unfinished house, and I worked hard to get our stuff packed up. Then, in a strange twist of fate, our move helped rent the other apartment, because a neighbor saw us moving and knew someone who needed an apartment.

I’m glad he realizes that I contributed, too, but I don’t deserve all the credit. He’s been working his butt off. At the same time, I suspect he feels bad about leaving me alone so often in this unfinished house, knowing how hard it is sometimes.

Don’t worry yourself too much, Faithful Reader. I don’t want to live like this forever, but I can survive for a few more weeks. Better to live uncomfortably and have the mortgage paid than to live in comfort and let our finances go to Hell.

So kudos to us. We make a good team.

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