SITY: Things Gotta Grow

Back in June I found some attractive plants growing in the yard. They had beautiful swirls of fuzzy leaves. I wondered what they’d be when they grew up.


Now it is August and I know the answer. They are these:

Meh 2


I am a big fan of wildflowers, but I just can’t seem to make myself like mullein. Its flowers are tolerable up-close, I guess.

Meh 3

But they’re arranged on a big, ugly stalk, and they don’t bloom all at once, leaving parts of it bare and dead looking. And at its worst, mullein grows and grows until it gets to unruly heights.

Meh 4 - Copy

This insect-ravaged mullein plant is probably as tall as I am.

If only the mullein would stay small like it was in June. But I suppose that’s always the way in this world. Things gotta grow.

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