Story of You

Dear Marshall,

Here is a conversation that you and I had one day as you watched me eat pho.

Marshall: What is that?

Mommy: It’s soup.

Marshall: I don’t like soup.

Mommy: I like soup. Daddy likes soup.

Marshall: Does Livia like soup?

Mommy: I don’t know, but when you were younger you used to eat lentil soup, and you really liked it. But then you stopped eating it.

Marshall: That’s the story of me.

Mommy: That’s one story about you, Marshall. I have many stories about you.

Marshall: You should put them in a book.

Mommy: I already do. I write stories about you and put them in books for you to read when you’re older.

Marshall: Good.

Someday you’ll read this story about how you told me to write stories about you.

Cool, huh?



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