Christmas Day Walk

My dad and I went for a walk in the woods on Christmas Day. We explored the area below my perching spot. You can tell that it was once a quarry because of the straight lines and man-made marks on some of the rocks.

rockPerhaps it was quarrying that created this relatively smooth wall.

IMG_1997 (copy)

The wall was covered with ice, and there was water flowing under the ice. It made a chilly sound reminiscent of dry leaves rattling in the wind.  In this close-up you can sort of see the water under the ice.

IMG_1994 (copy)

Here is one of those wonderful pines that I had admired from my perching spot. That’s my dad walking around the tree.

IMG_2001 (copy)

And this high point here might be my perching spot, but I’m not sure. My sense of direction is actually very good until I need it, and then it fails me. So I don’t entirely trust it!

IMG_2008 (copy)

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