Favorite Thing: Vintage Glass

You know I like glass. And you know my husband and I like to go to Brimfield at least one a year for the antique show. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that I acquired some glass at Brimfield this year. Let me show you what I bought.

brimfield 1

Vintage Wheaton Bottles (or fakes—I don’t care)

I bought these because they reminded me of my grandmother (on my mother’s side). She used to have bottles like these around the windows in her house. I have a hard time recalling visual memories, so I can’t tell you exactly which colors, sizes, or designs her bottles were, only that these bottles are similar. They catch the sun and add a touch of color to my kitchen. I am very happy with them.

brimfield 2

Fenton “Moon and Stars” Bowl

It may be shocking to some collectors, but I bought this bowl with the intention of actually using it. It’s just big enough to hold a bunch of bananas plus a couple of other small fruits, so we use it as a fruit bowl. It’s sitting on the kitchen counter, where it is exposed to dangers every day. It will almost certainly get scratched over time. It might even get chipped or cracked. Is that any way to treat vintage glass? I think so. Some things are meant to be used, not shut up in a case. Of course, it helps that the bowl is not worth much monetarily. It’s true value is that I like it.

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