Thank You, Thank You

Last Sunday night I finally finished writing the thank-you notes for the baby shower. I had had to do most of the writing at night after work, which wasn’t fun. Personalizing them took forever. I also didn’t want to waste any cards, so I had to do a rough draft for each one first and then carefully copy it onto the card. It took many days to do them all.

And they weren’t done yet, really. It wasn’t until Thursday that we got all of the addresses and dealt with all the spelling inconsistencies found in our address book. Jesse should be Jessie and Araci should be Aracy. And what of Piadad? Well, that may be how everyone has been spelling her name, but it is clearly not how she spells it herself. If only her handwriting were clear enough for us to be sure what the right way is. Then there are all the Marias who go by other names. Talk about confusing. With Faithful Reader’s help, I addressed the cards as best I could and then he mailed them for me. I felt a huge weight lifted from my back.

Writing thank-you notes is a real pain, but I am sincerely grateful for all of the gifts. Baby got a lot of stuff that he needed and buying it all ourselves would have been much more painful than writing thank-yous.

Thank you, thank you!

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