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Criminals and Crazies

There have been a lot of news articles lately about psychopaths and the test that can supposedly sort the psychopaths from the garden-variety criminals. So here’s a related Poirot quote. He once said, It is an interesting subject of after-dinner … Continue reading

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The Cats Make Me Crazy

Living in an unfinished house, we’ve had to make some arrangements that aren’t ideal. For example, we currently have our three cats locked up in one room. Believe me, I’ve strained my brain to come up with a better solution, … Continue reading

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Yawping Mad

I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.-–Walt Whitman Tuesday morning I sounded my barbaric yawp across the bed. OK, maybe it wasn’t so much a yawp as a shriek, and maybe not so much in manly … Continue reading

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How many times have Faithful Reader and I joked about going to the Kitty Farm to adopt a new cat? I can’t speak for Faithful Reader, but I never intended to go. And yet on July 27th, we went to … Continue reading

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Lonely and a Little Crazy

My Faithful Reader left for another wild whiskey binge, this time cross-country. He’s only been gone for about 12 hours and already I’m feeling lonely and a little crazy. Who can I turn to now that he’s not here? Enter … Continue reading

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We Must Be Crazy

Today I cooked and ate breakfast, worked for almost 8 hours, prepared and ate lunch, cooked and ate dinner, washed dishes, took a brief walk, and blogged. For me, this was a full day and it felt like I accomplished … Continue reading

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Crazy Coworkers

Yesterday I drove to CT for our annual departmental luncheon. I went both because I felt obligated and because I think that telecommuters need to spend time with their coworkers once in a while. The sad thing is, half of … Continue reading

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