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Dream of Green and Turtles

I met author John Green in a dream last night. He wanted to thank me for tipping him off to that “turtles all the way down” thing. That was quite nice of him, and he was every bit as personable … Continue reading

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Marshall Says the Title Is “Enter Title Here”

Dear Kids, Here are a few stories about you. One day Livia came dancing into my office singing one of her favorite Taylor Swift songs. She sang, “Shake it on, Shake it on!” I said, “Sweetie, I think it’s supposed … Continue reading

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Dear Marshall, Here are some more stories about you. I love the way you say “Yeah!” You imbue it with so much enthusiasm. In a world overfull with apathy, a little eagerness is a joy to behold. Thanks in part … Continue reading

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A Buffet of Books

Dear Marshall, When you were very young, we kept all of your books on a shelf in your room. We wanted them to be close at hand for spontaneous reading. After you learned to stand, you were able to reach … Continue reading

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