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Merlin, Wars, Yawn

Here is the review I wrote about a book that I read earlier this year. The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart Grade: B+ This is a first-person account of Merlin’s early years. In this telling, he is the illegitimate son … Continue reading

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I had an A-HA! moment while working on my novel this morning, just before my word processor ate the document that I was working on. Yes, the A-HA! moment was so powerful that it temporarily broke my computer. No worries, … Continue reading

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All I Can Do Is Laugh

I have my own particular set of sayings that I use frequently. One of them is “make it snappy.” I use this saying on the kids when they’re slow to do whatever it is they’ve been told to do. But … Continue reading

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I Should Know Better

I am old enough to know by now that if I hide something in an unusual spot and say to myself “Don’t forget that you put this here” it means I absolutely will forget and shouldn’t put it there. But … Continue reading

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Memento Mori

I went into my daughter’s room to get her up this morning. She was sitting on her bed, sorting through her Pokemon cards. Among the Pokemon tins was one smaller, different tin. She told me I could open it, so … Continue reading

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You Have to Look

The deadline for NaNoWriMo came and went. How did I fare? Not nearly as well as I had hoped. I stalled at about 17K. Worse yet, once I officially gave up on trying to reach 50K, I lost all motivation … Continue reading

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Today’s Thought

Noticing is the first step toward knowing.

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